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Dear Guests, Parents, Students and Colleagues,

What expectations do you have from a University?


To offer the best possible educational quality, experiences that are unique through their content, the per se quality of living through them and the ability to provide them with a valid future, by branding and easy placement on the labor market;

For this it is necessary:

· To create a rock-solid brand liable to attract students and new potential institutional partners;

· A sustained communication plan that should bring the university and its innovative strategies to the public attention;

· Attracting teachers and researchers with a high national and international reputation in their fields of expertise, in the practice areas and industries to which students will have access after graduation.

· Student Clubs per each faculty in which students should be encouraged to bring excellence in the study and practice;

· Fundraising Departments that should also seek out co-financing for student projects;

· Business incubators for teachers and students.

In the new academic year, we start with the vision to be developing an international, entrepreneurial and modern university, oriented towards the learning style of the nowadays youth.

We have taken this challenge and have assumed the risks to developing into an international university. At first, far from the starting line of the higher education internationalization race, our University has now managed to overcome many already extant or newly emerging blockages. The recognition of the international excellence of our higher education institution came right from the University of Cambridge UK, that has considered we deserve to climb the pedestal of international academic elite, including us in the valued Guide to Excellence in 2012.

The University of Cambridge, the dream of every student in the world, believes that "Danubius" University provides young people with the best opportunities and the labor market with high-quality graduates, and also contributes to building a society in which people are creatively and critically thinking.

Increasingly more "Danubius" students are studying at dozens of European universities fraternizing with our university through the ERASMUS program. Each year, students of Arcadia University of Philadelphia, USA, become, for a few days, students of the honors courses organized here at our University.

International labor market requirements for leadership positions in the hospitality industry and commerce, for specialists in bio-economics and international shipping, have catalyzed our efforts towards the establishment of Masters Degree programs that prepare leaders in these areas of a globalised world, the graduates of these programs having the great advantage of the continuous and stimulating confrontation with the international business environment. Some of these academic study programs are global, held in English by teachers specialized in the fields of shipping, international trade, regional development and international finances.

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