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In 2007, following the evaluation of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, there have been accredited the following Masters in law: Community law; Law and European Public Administration; Criminal Sciences.
The three masters were approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth no 3628 of 03.31. 2008, as amended and supplemented by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth no. 4644 of 06.30. 2008.
Each program performs a specific well defined task, which is in conjunction with the field studies, the scientific research and teaching mission of the Danubius University.
The Community Law Program has as mission the completion of the legal training acquired by BA degree with additional training in Community law. Such training is warranted, in particular, through the integration of Romania into the European Union.
Master's degree studies offered by the Law and European Public Administration meet a genuine need, as through it, we aim at providing the legal specialization of graduates, but also in other areas required by other Member states of the European Union and highly needed in Romania.
Master in Criminal Science courses are designed as a way of processing and completing the training of specialists in criminal law, but also other categories of university graduates.
From the academic year 2009/2010, the Faculty of Law completed its educational offer with the master Legal Career, an offer that is compatible with a complex and thorough level of study, thorough the scope of subjects that comply with the issues that a practitioner of law faces.
Legal Career Master is addressed, therefore to legal practitioners (magistrates, lawyers, notaries, legal advisers etc.), who wish to complete the legal information, based, in particular, on the controversy revealed by the judicial practice; it equally, addresses to the graduates that wish to pursue a legal profession. This masters program was approved by Order no. 5356 of 09. 29.2009 published in Official Monitor no. 657 of 10. 02.2009,  regarding the university master programs established by decisions of the senate of higher education institutions under the Education Law no. 84/1995, Law no. 2 / 2008 amending the Education Law no. 84/1995, republished and the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2008 amending the Law on Education No. 84/1995.
The master specializations intend to use the experience of higher education in the country and abroad, so that the future graduates acquire and deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge in this area.