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The research activity at “Danubius” is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary performed on collectives grouped at the level of chairs and inside research centres. Thus, case studies and research results consider various correlating aspects concerning technical and economic phenomena (informatics, production, innovation, competitiveness, technical and economic diagnosis), financial and banking phenomena, the regional development, developing service-providing facilities, social evolution phenomena, as well as legislation and juridical aspects, human communication, international relations and geopolitics. Researches are generally oriented towards significant issues concerning geographic and economic areas in Danube’s basin and in the Euro-region, as connected with the European and global context.
     The relatively large research multi and trans-disciplinary area acquires orientation and focus via the Research Centres founded with the corroborated activity of all faculties, and the results are correlated and administrated via the Research, Development and Innovation Department of “Danubius” University – as an administrative structure used for professional research data-keeping and technical guidance.
     “Danubius” University involves in national and international projects of research, development and innovation, with good results that are visible and turned to account at an academic level (publications, reports, didactic data spreading), and at a socio-economic one (case research, business environment – oriented counselling, lasting development).
     “Danubius” University is attested as an institution of research and development according to Government Decision 551/2007, by ANCS Decision no. 9692/04.07.2008. The Self-Evaluation Report points obtained at the ANCS Assessment ranks “Danubius” University on the fifth place in Romania, among the universities attested as research and development institutes. 
 - The Self-Evaluation Report was elaborated at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008.
- The research results and their visibility in Romania and abroad have led to ranking “Danubius” University on high positions in the Romanian university top drawn up by Ad Astra – The Romanian Scientific Community Association:
        In the 2006 edition of the “Top of Romanian Universities”, “Danubius” University Galati is placed 18th in the general ranking and 1st in the ranking of private universities. In the “Top of Romanian Universities” – 2007 edition - “Danubius” University Galati is seated on the 34th place in the general ranking, keeping a top position in time when university expansion mobilised forces in very different directions.