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       Research structures operating at “Danubius” University are grouped on two basic organisms.
The Research, Development and Innovation Department - with a role in keeping and gathering data resulted from the research, development and innovation elements at the level of the institution.
The Commission of Projects and Research Results Endorsement – nearby the Senate of “Danubius” University. This analyses project proposals and corroborates initiatives and research derections at a university level, then endorses and validates research results (together with the Ethics Commission), authorises results’ dissemination to those entitled (authors, team coordinators – according to each particular case).
 The Research, Development and Innovation Department is made up of research and management centres, as it follows:
·                                 The Research Centre concerning the Socio – Economic Dynamics in the Lsting Development – which elaborates multi and transdisciplinary studies in such domains as Economics, Law, Informatics, Communication and European Relations in the context of a lasting regional and global development.
·                                 The Danubian studies and research Centre  – research centre aiming at promoting the scientific and cultural values in Danube’s region, at mobilising political and administrative efforts and integrating them in the regional development and innovation, and at cooperating with nations and communities placed along the Danube.
·                                 The Research Management Centre - as an administrative and methodology structure for structuring and guiding research operations, an administrator and provider of instruments necessary to research activities, issuer and manager of unifying university strategies and plans, and a keeper disseminator of research results.
·                                 The Project Management Centre– the administrative and management structure achieving the identification of, data processing and information about the financing sources (organisms, institutions, societies); it supervises and counsels the financial and activity-oriented project data keeping, it develops relationships with financing organisms and partners, it offers support to turning to account all research results.