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Library Presentation
Since the very foundation of this institute, our leadership has always taken steps to organising and fitting out a university library that should satisfy the thirst for knowledge of the young, and, furthermore, comply with syllabus requirements, academic staff preconditions, as well as all other working prerequisites of our times.
     Considering the fact that students first need professional course materials and papers, the library personnel has purchased all new, yet highly valuable materials pertaining to legal studies, economics, public administration, international relationships and communication sciences. Nowadays, the library institution possesses a book stock of approximately 28,000 scientific and didactic volumes, written by outstanding specialists, including “Danubius” University professors, researchers of other higher education institutes at home and abroad.

        In acquiring the scientific works bodied forth in volumes with didactic purpose in compliance with the scientific subject-matters in university syllabi and also the all-round knowledge necessities, our university curricula and syllabi evolution has been thoroughly considered. It is in the same respect that, in view of fulfilling its very task and purpose, the library has been organised so as to stay open for no less than twelve hours in order to offer students the possibility to peruse through all kind of materials liable to answer their individual study needs.
     The library is also connected to the national inter-library book-borrowing system - this fact increasing the degree of volume coverage with every title appeared – and to the online catalogue system, with the possibility to be up-to-date with the newest printed materials. Because the library has to play a significant role in the all-round knowledge of future specialists, we are concerned about its endowing with fiction or encyclopaedic literature volumes, thus facilitating student interest in many and varied cultural domains with avoiding specialists’ training in one single domain of interest so as to support their future orientation in the network of ideas governing our present society and realm of science. 
     Taking into account the existence of our five faculties, we aim at possessing a book stock comprising technical, encyclopaedic and fiction literature volumes of about several thousand volumes in a very near future, thus outmatching the figures presented by the traditional university centres. Thus, the private university education, which is quite a revolution for us, is supposed to have a superior outfitting that should be both modern and efficient. This is also the reason for which the library of “Danubius” University has already acquired the materials that teachers recommend for the study of each and every discipline. It is not by chance that all teachers at “Danubius” University are helped out to publish their course materials, practical work notebooks, without which the higher education progress of future Romanian specialists could not be ensured.
      For the book borrowing operations to continuously be proficient, there have been opened reading rooms inside the new building of “Danubius” University, all fitted with the latest equipments and organised according to modern librarianship.
During the education period:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 20:00

During holiday:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 16:00