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The values promoted in the Europe of knowledge and competitiveness, in which the human resources are priceless goods, represent the benchmarks in the education process in the Faculty of Economic Sciences from the moment of its founding in 1997.
Its main mission consists in training specialists able to sustain and develop the economic and financial activities at a local, regional, national and international level, to manage and influence the value dimension of the company in specific domains: finance and banking, business administration, accounting and IT management, economic science.
In the modern society, where there are no borders from the economic and financial point of view, the results are based on value and performance, and the unit of measurement is success; our faculty provides proficiency and transforms projects into reality. Our graduates demonstrate the truthfulness of our statements, by the major role that they have in society.
By its exceptional conditions for learning, the academic staff with outstanding professional and human achievements, the Faculty of Economics invests continuously in competence, pragmatism and dedication to the future of young students and all who continue their training in a very important domain - the economy and finances, that was, is and will always be the benchmarks of a company, along with moral values, that are mandatory in this job.
So, assess the status that you acquire through the completion of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, focus your energy on more ambitious goals, to each of your success and build on this base, a beneficial future for all society, at a national and European level.
Our motto is: