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Dean's Word
The Faculty of Communication and International Relations stands for a tempting offer and a maximum openness to the future. The moment you decide on our offer, you do maximize your chances of working in a first-rate area of ​​public space. Your option may focus on one of the following three bachelor programmes:
• Communication and Public Relations;
• International Relations and European Studies;
• Management Assistance and Secretariat.
Those who complete the Communication and Public Relations accredited bachelor programme can perform such professions as: public relations specialist, mediator, speaker, brand manager, protocol organizer, fairs and exhibition organizer, trainer, training / organizer consultant, professional skills evaluator, political communication consultant, specialist in online public relations, media communication specialist.
After the completion of the accredited bachelor programme in International Relations and European Studies, graduates may have a diplomatic career or can perform various activities such as advisors or experts in international and European integration issues, in institutions and organizations belonging to the European structures (at local, national or international levels); moreover, these graduates can operate as international officials, specialists in the media or political parties, negotiators specialised in conflict management, European and international mediators, trainers in the field of European integration, as analysts, specialists who develop and implement strategies and post-accession programmes.
The authorized Management Assistance and Secretariat bachelor programme is part of the new offer of our faculty and concerns: the training of professionals capable of understanding and managing specific data; supporting the number of higher-educated personnel able to achieve a better correlation of local and central government problems, in companies and other public or private organizations; professionals able to manage the development policies of Romanian society within the new European context.
In addition to basic information in the field at issue, our study programmes offer you a whole range of disciplines that will shape your personality, will open new horizons of knowledge, and will transform you into a flexible character, able to assume the challenges of coming decades.
The Faculty of Communication and International Relations has a strong humanistic component, which allows you to turn your specific skills and vocations to the best account, to develop your own individuality, under the proficient guidance of teachers and outstanding personalities in the top levels of knowledge.
A network of joint agreements with prestigious universities in Europe as well as the international compatibility of curricula and transferable credits system provide our students with the chance to receive scholarships for studying abroad.
Your career starts with us!
Associate Professor Mirela Arsith, Ph.D.