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Danubius University of Galati trains specialists, researchers and leaders in the legal, economic and social domain in Romania and in the European South East Area. The University blends harmoniously and balanced the teaching and learning with the scientific research and it is involved in the global society projects through the services brought to the local, national and European community.


The assertion that the University is among the first of the Romanian and European universities in terms of quality modern education.

 Strategic Objectives

1.      Timely implementation of the European dimension in the education process;
2.     Development of scientific research and the creation of specific research structures of performance higher education;
Human resources development;
4.      Improving the university management;
5.      Creating a new type of professor and student.

"Danubius" University values:

1. The appreciation and stability in the society that the university has won through seriousness and consistency;
2.   The success of our graduates;
3. The continuous emulation between top teachers and their young assistants, between the experience along the years and the enthusiasm of youth, in the managerial domain;
4.    The physical and/or spiritual force with which our young teachers will enhance the level of knowledge;
5.    Integrity in all undertaken projects;
6.    Our university's potential to adapt quickly and completely to the change.